Hierarchical and recursive queries in (T-)SQL

“Hierarchical and recursive queries in SQL”… this is quite a hot topic, so hot that it has its own wikipedia entry. The typical “hello world” is employees and managers.

Incremental data loading with Talend

One of the inevitable challenge in any data integration architecture is choosing the right loading technique. Push change data capture (CDC) is more than often not available. Full (re-)load, batch delta/daily load and incremental load (CDC pull) are potential candidates. In this post, I will describe a possible implementation of an incremental load using Talend. Only the relevant part for CDC will be described (no processing of the data).

Implementing a bridge table with Talend

In Kimball’s multi-dimensional data model, a bridge table is an analytical solution to a multi-valued dimension fact in a fact table: when a fact in a fact table relates to more than one record in a dimension table (many-to-many). Creating and feeding the bridge table and the associated dimension table can be challenging: here is a solution with a RDBMS and the ETL tool Talend.

Workflow manager

If you have used Informatica, or to some extent Talend Studio (that is, not the free version), you know that you can chain jobs together. Now, if you need to chain jobs which use diffent technologies, or if you need more than just linear chaining and dependencies, this is where a robust workflow manager comes in handy.